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Happiness without borders!

What is real happiness? It is not easy to answer this question. Each of us has his own understanding of happiness but probably all people in the world will agree in one matter – real happiness is impossible without love. A person is made so that  she or  he needs to feel love and feel loved and needed. Without close and dear people our existence loses its sense. In loneliness we feel emptiness, feel that we have nobody to work for, nobody to care for.
             Unfortunately not everybody is fortunate with happiness to find his second half. Many people are looking for it all their lives and cannot find. Search and faults are accompanying them all their life: separations, divorces, tragedies, disappointments, loss of faith and hope. Some of them step by step get used to a thought that they will stay alone and try to find comfort with friends, work and entertainments. And some continue hard search, dreaming about family, cozy home and trying not to give up.
             If you haven’t met your love – do not fall in despair. You shouldn’t think that happiness is not for you! Every person deserves to be happy and loved. Happiness does not depend on appearance, age and social status, your income and country you live in. Please believe each of us has his second half which as you now can be somewhere in a far away country suffers from loneliness and misunderstanding. How to find her? How to unite your destinies and  never to part and suffer any more?
              Make a step towards your destiny and your happiness. International marriage-tourism agency Talaservis is your reliable assistant and leading star in this big world of people’s destinies. Trust us care about your happiness, we are experienced professionals for relation mediation, and you will never regret your choice. We have been working since 2000 and we have helped already a lot of people to unite their lives. In our busy world and chaos of passions it is not easy to find happiness alone. Why to spend years on search in vain? With us your happiness may appear to be closer than you think. For us there are no obstacles, borders and distances. We will go with you searching for your lost happiness even to the end of the world!
We wish you happiness!

Watch video and receive email from Russian and Ukrainian women.

 Marriage and love is man and woman view on things.

              Do you think marriage and love are compatible? The answer will be possibly positive if you are a representative of the charming part of the mankind because love and love relations is on the first place in the list of woman’s values. Each woman, no difference how much she is career oriented, remembers about her real destination: to be a loyal, kind and tender life partner, a good mother. She wants to give love to her close people. And as far as in loving, valuable family children grow up healthy and happy, all women try not only to create a stable couple with their chosen ones, but also to register their marriage officially. Marriage always means a marriage party. And is there woman who does not dream of white Princess’s dress and bridal veil?
            You will hardly argue with the fact that some men have different attitude to such notions as marriage and love. Long time ago nature has already divided man’s and woman’s roles in the family life. If women try to create family to keep warm home atmosphere and to build trustful relationships between the family members, so men are more concerned about providing security and financial prosperity for their relatives.
             It is not rare that for men who are more concentrated on career and involved in their work love and marriage step back to the second place. From the beginning men try to get a new position in order to provide possibility to care about his beloved woman financially, to register marriage and to keep love. But for some reasons in time man’s wish for marriage becomes not so strong and now he values freedom more than matrimonial ties. It does not matter how different men’s and women’s values are, all of them want to be happy. Love, work, friends and hobbies cannot be compared with the happiness which marriage with the loved person can give.

An international dating service.  
     You want to find your love, but do not know what agency to apply to? You are not sure if you will be satisfied with the level of service on the international dating service? Do not hesitate - apply to us! Marriage agency Talaservis is an international dating service, which helps people to find their happiness and love. Our agency has been working since the year of 2000 and each year widens the spectrum of granted services and raises the level of service. International dating service helps each client to find his soul mate and to unite two loving hearts by overcoming distances and obstacles. We grant only high level of service because our clients are very important for us!  
      Marriage agency is our business and calling. International marriage service allowed my husband and me to find each other. By ourselves we went through difficult way from the first shy letter to a passionate declaration of love and Marriage Palace. So without hearsay we know how important is the service quality for the clients of our agency. We are infinitively happy and extremely grateful to destiny for possibility to stay together and to inspire other couples by our example!  
      Our marriage agency unites destinies of people from all parts of the world. Thanks to the modern communication means international dating service widens possible communicational circle, wiping out geographical end psychological borders. We have foreseen all details. Do not know foreign language? International dating service suggests interpreter's assistance. Just trust us and use our service. Marriage agency Talaservis assists in writing letters, choosing of hotels and foreign language courses, always grating service of high level. For the most demanding clients international dating service suggests VIP service – an individual approach and whole bunch of services, it means VIP service. If you have not found a service which you need in the whole list of suggestions just let us know about it and our agency Talaservis will fulfill any of your wishes!  
 Single, sexy and the most beautiful girls.
        You want to get acquainted with intelligent, charming and cheerful girl? Beautiful, sexy , kind, single – should your chosen one be like this? Welcome to the site of Marriage service Talaservis!
There are most beautiful girls of Russia,  Ukraine and Latvia in our date base. What is    important, all our beautiful girls are excellent not only by their appearance but also inside, they are intelligent, talented and well educated. What should the girl of your dream be? She should be nice, honest, tender, single, but hussy and sexy? Smart, intelligent and beautiful girls of our agency will not disappoint you! Each of them is a charming Princess, who is waiting for her Prince. Maybe this Prince is you? And one of them who is the most beautiful, tender, intelligent, sexy, kind, single will be your life partner? Isn't it what you are dreaming about!  
      Beautiful girls adjust to men's attention very quickly. Each beauty realizes that she is sexy and single, in other words that she is a real find for each man. So in order to get disposition of your fairy tale Princess you have to spend a lot of efforts. But men are hunters in their souls and nothing can catch their interest more than following "desirable prey"!  
      Many men think that beautiful girls who put their profiles on Internet sites are trying to find most wealthy and reliable men. If the girl is intelligent, sexy, interesting, single, why does not she want to get acquainted with men by "natural" way? Dear men! Do not be too suspicious, do not look for hidden motives! All smart and beautiful girls are looking for deserving men who can appreciate their talents and make them really happy. Modern communication means allow to widen the searching circle, so now each charming, sexy, single girl can advertise herself all around the world! Beautiful girls do not sit without an affair and are not bored waiting for their knight. They have a lot of interests and hobbies, study and widen their horizons in order to be more attractive for their favorites. Single girl always spend her free time with benefit and it does not matter how intelligent, educated, smart, beautiful and sexy she is, she always tries to become more and more perfect!



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